Monday, May 23, 2011

My Favorite thing about summer.....

I love flowers. I love to take pictures of flowers even more. Playing with my camera is one of the things that I do to pass time. The flowers and the garden are my saving grace and taking my camera with me just makes it even better.
Today I was playing with different settings and such on the camera while taking pictures of flowers. Look at some of these. I think I may need to have some of the printed out for on the wall to decorate in the house with!
This is my Columbine that is lavender and white, taken in both the chrome setting and the black and white setting!

And this is the Hydrangea

And some others that I think are just gorgeous! I love pansy's which shows in the flowers we planted for Mothers Day! There is also daisy's which I love as well.
I enjoy using the black and white setting on my camera, saves me time so then I don't have to use editing software to do it and I think the defination is so much better!