Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The "cold" lunch saga

So school is in full swing, Araya loves it and we are very happy for that, tho I for one wish she was still home during the day. It is just not the same with her gone all day.

Lunches have been something of a challenge as I don't want the kids eating school lunch. I don't think that its nearly as good as what we feed them at home and we work hard to keep things as natural as possible. But really how many days can you take pbj or cold meat sandwiches before you are totally sick of it?
Now I have to say that Araya has had some pretty yummy lunches, we cook her up grilled cheese and tomato soup, pizza rolls, shrimp, chicken nuggets, lasagna, and the list continues on. However, even with our thermos bowl things were not staying as warm as we would have liked. That is until we found this!

This is great, it has a heat pack that actually keeps the food warm for her until she is ready for lunch. She came home the first day and was so excited that her pizza rolls were still just the right temp when she went to lunch.

Now the options are endless and we are very happy for that!