Friday, October 22, 2010

6 already and a friends party too!

How does it happen that they grow up so fast? My little girl was just a baby not so very long ago and now she is 6, in school full time and ready to be a grown up.
The week of inductions to try to help you along, the day at the pumpkin patch, scaring the tractor driver when we went to pick out the perfect pumpkins. The feelings that you were never going to come. And now you are here, you are perfect in every way. You know what you want and have no problem questioning something if you just don't think that it can possibly be the right way. All the qualities I hope you have as an adult you have already. You drive me to the brink of craziness with them now but all I can hope is that you keep them as you get older and don't let anyone tell you its wrong.

We had purple cake on your birthday along with your favorite...LASAGNA! The cake wasn't the greatest but it sure was pretty!!

You got to have your very first friends party and what a party it was.
The ice cream party was a huge success. I spent many hours preparing for it.
It all started with the invites!

I then made a banner that said happy birthday

We set up everything to look like an old time ice cream parlor. We had old jars for the candies, we ate our ice cream out of old ice cream dishes. I got lemon drops, sour cherries, mini unicorn suckers and marshmellow ice cream cones for treats.

We put the toppings in old mason jars and you got to build your own sundaes, out of homemade ice cream of course. What could be better than Homemade ice cream from fresh milk?

We played pin the cherry on the sundae and everyone put their names on the cherries. What a great way to remember your party and who all came to enjoy it with you?

We had ice cream cone cupcakes that most didn't eat, the ice cream was so much better, but they sure looked cute!

Then we opened gifts and boy did you get some great ones.

After that we decided since it was so beautiful outside we should go out and play. The kids had so much fun. It was fun to watch them cycle through all the fun stuff outside, from playing frisbee to the riding the rope swing, playing on the playset and of course the sandbox was a hit too.
I also made the gift bags from ice cream fabric, added ribbon hair ties and the kids loved them.

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  1. It looks like a wonderful party. An ice-cream theme - what a fun idea!!