Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform.....

I have to say that I am on the fence about how it is written, however I am one that believes that something had to change with our health care system. My MIL can hardly afford her insurance since her husband passed away, I know many people that are without insurance because they simply CAN NOT afford it.
While this bill is not perfect, nothing ever is and it is a start. There is still 4 years before much of it even starts. That is plenty of time for things to be worked out.
To me I wish that this issue had not needed to be politicized. If every doctor, nurse, clinic, hospital, insurance company etc would have done things in such a way as to treat the people using the services the way that they themselves would have wanted to be treated then we would not be in this situation. It is something that we learned when we were young, treat others the way you want to be treated. And the huge bills that people receive for services really is insane. Insurance premiums are ungodly high and it is because services that are covered cost so much. These can be things that take 2 seconds to do to 2 hours, it doesn't matter. When I go to see the dr because I have an ear infection that is killing me, it should not cost me 100.00 just to have them look in my ears. Then another 20.00 to get a prescription, and even with my "good" insurance it costs me 20.00 to see the dr and 5.00 to get the meds to take care of it. If these costs were better regulated we would not be in the place that we are today.

And on a side note I really wish we could have all see how Obama would have governed this country had he not been elected and taken office at a time when our country was in such a dire situation. No one can argue the fact that when he took office our country was in a spiral DOWN economically. It was started long before he was elected and lasted into the time that he was in office. However another thing that can not be argued is that while on his watch it is starting to get better.
And I feel this way about Bush as well, I don't blame his for the 9/11 attacks, I don't blame him for the way that things went down, he had to deal with the aftermath less than 1 year after taking office.

So that all being said, we all knew that something needed to change with Health Care, that has been being said for more years than most of us have been able to understand or care about what is going on, for many of us longer than we have been alive. Now that something has been passed, it gives way for passage of changes to the current bill that will hopefully in the end allow for something better to come around. I just really wish that all the representatives, both Dem and Rep could find a way to stop acting like they are in preschool, get along and work this out together. They both need to shut up, listen to the others, find a compromise and include things to make it better for everyone. And that is not a knock at either party, they both need to work better at getting along, its a fact. Illness does not care what party you are affiliated with, you will get sick no matter what you believe and EVERYONE deserves to be treated in a human manner, not left to wonder had they been able to afford health care, or been able to afford insurance, would they not be dying because they could have gotten help.

I am sorry that everyone is so upset about the passage of the Health Care package, I am sorry that it doesn't contain many of the things that this country seriously needs, and I am sorry that the country that I call home is so seriously divided that they can not work together to help each other.


  1. Well, I think everything is such a huge mess, this adds to it....though right now....what doesn't ?? People are so quick to jump the gun and make hasty decisions and comments....what ever happened to a little research and a bit of respect ? Hmm.....maybe I'm on neither side, really. I mean, health care is SO important, with a child that has ONE medication that's $600.00 a month, PLUS the others are a couple hundred a pop....yeah, I am well aware of the costs and importance ! However, I don't agree with providing for those who don't help provide for themselves- THIS is where I can't choose a side. I really hate that it's an all or nothing kinda thing....I really believe that people should help themselves as much as humanly possible and that doesn't mean sit home and collect disability checks when you could be working !

    Rambling, so I'll stop there. I agree that something absolutely HAS to be done, but I believe our "help" system as a whole has SO many issues that need to be resolved.

  2. I don't disagree with the not helping those that are not willing to help themselves, this bill is more about requiring that EVERYONE has insurance, not providing insurance for everyone if that makes sense.

    Like I have said I don't think that it is perfect, but it is a start and that is something I believe was needed.