Monday, March 1, 2010

What happens to the days?

This is a question I ask myself daily, WHERE DID MY DAY GO? It seems I am never able to complete even half of what I would like or need to do in a day. Between nursing the littlest one, feeding all of them and trying to pick up behind them it seems that 90% of my day is gone. The other 10% gets spent taking care of the animals and figuring out what is the most important thing that still remains to be done.

Take today for example. We got up, fed the kids, milked the cow and did the chores. By this point it was time to start thinking about what to have for lunch. Throw the food in the oven to cook and get the dishwasher started. During that time make the phone calls that need made and pick up as best you can behind 3 children 5 and under. Lunch is now ready, feed the kids and get them and the mess cleaned back up and it is now time to get the oldest ready to go to preschool. Out the door she goes with her dad and into bed with the youngest to nurse him to sleep. He is up and now its time to check your emails and get things ready for the afternoon. You see its dance night so when the oldest is done with preschool we have a 30 minute drive to another town for that. So pack the diaper bag, fill out paper work and make sure that the dance bag is ready for dance. When the 2 youngest children wake from naps it is time for a small snack, a dose of medicine to help one feel better and time to head out the door to pick up their sister. At this point we head to town to go to the library to grab some books and off to dance. After dance which ends at 5:45 we head for home. Dinner was supposed to be served about 15 minutes ago so the children are all in meltdown wanting to eat NOW. Stop at the fast food chain and pick up the worst meal you can possibly feed your family and hurry on home. Once home, sit down to eat all the time thinking that this cannot possibly be good for anyone, but hey the kids are happy right. Give the kids a chance to run off a bit of energy all while trying to prevent the melt down that will occur if anyone looks at the other wrong and then time to get ready for bed. Once I get the 2 littlest off to dream land its time for a book and bed for the oldest. Ahh the sound of silence. That few minutes in the day when you sit back and say WOW I MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER ONE.

Now that leads me to the rest of the evening. I know that I should be picking up the toys, changing laundry, emptying the dishwasher and probably even scrubbing my floors, but you know what, I am tired. I need a break from the day and a chance to regroup because just like today, tomorrow will be a busy one.

And someone close to me once asked me if I could really stay busy all day once my kids were in school....ya I am pretty sure I can and my animals may not have to deal with stalls that seem to ALWAYS need cleaned!!!!

Night all


  1. amazing isn't it.....and people think we truly have all the time in the world to do as we wish.....

  2. If only I had time to do as I wish, then my list of things I WANT to do would be much shorter!!!