Sunday, February 28, 2010

The circle of life....

Whoever says farm life is easy must not have any animals because it really is bitter sweet to have animals you have raised from babies go to the locker. Yes you know when you get them that this is what they are for. You try to not make them into pets, but really its inevitable that you will have some form of attachment to an animal that you feed and water twice a day, watch playing in the pasture and chasing other animals around in fun and talk to daily.

Yes today was the day that our 2 pigs went to market and while I know that its what was meant to be, it was still bitter sweet. I went to do my chores at the end of the day and I was sad to not have them standing there, voicing their opinion that they wanted fed first and just in general making their presence known.

Now I am sure that it was not nearly as bitter sweet for my father after picking them up. They proceeded to tear up the front of his stock trailer to the point that we will now have to replace the wood that sectioned off the tack compartment. They then decided that they were the alpha animals and jumped on his 2 pigs that were also destined for the same fate. So I guess next time I need to teach the pigs how to play nicely with others and how to not destroy the trailer.

I will be happy to see the fresh sausage, bacon, roasts and hams that will soon stock our freezer, but for tonight I am sad to know that my poor little piggies are spending their last night in an unfamiliar pen hungry for their dinner.

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