Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well here it starts

Since before I had my oldest child it has been more and more important to me to be as green as possible and try to be as self sustained as possible. Now this is not nearly as easy when you live in town or on a rented acreage. But we always did what we could to leave as small of a footprint as possible.

When my oldest was born I knew that I wanted to cloth diaper her and try to feed her as much as I could that was locally grown. Doing my best to give only the best was my main goal. This was fairly easy but not a perfect science as I am sure that you can imagine.
Well 5 years after having her, adding 2 more to the mix and finally be able to buy the home that we see as our forever home, we are working on making our dreams come true.

We have 4.5 acres with wonderful outbuildings, a beautiful house and plenty of area to work on and around. We currently have 24 chickens, 4 beef steers (2 that are a year old and 2 that are still babies) 2 pigs (that go to the locker soon) a wonderful Jersey Milk Cow, and then we have several cats, 3 ducks and 2 dogs just because they are fun.

Miss Bessie, the jersey milk cow, has been by far the largest learning experience and a journey in and of itself. Something is to be said for learning to milk a cow, and not just any milk cow, but a heifer that was also learning at the same time as we are. She is a good cow and we have a relationship that most of the time is pleasant.

So sit back and enjoy as I share with the world, the days on our farm. You will hear about the cow, the chickens, the kids, gardening and just about anything that could possibly go on when you have a small family farm.

I hope you enjoy and will share your experiences with us as well.

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