Sunday, July 25, 2010

A garden update

The garden is doing great as are the weeds, but I am doing my best to stay ahead of the weeds and enjoy the garden.
The constant rain, super hot temps and crazy humidity has been great for growing everything but our peppers, I am hoping to get some off them but they are not going to have a great harvest that is for sure.
Our tomatoes are absolutely massive. These pictures are about 2 weeks old now and they are now taller than all of the kids. Now if we can get some to turn read I will be one super happy mama!

The onions are growing great, the bulbs are forming and I am beyond excited to harvest and enjoy them!

Our broccoli is forming heads that will be ready soon, I think that we will have the first one in the next day or so.

We harvested our first banana pepper which was great on a salad. If they come around I would love to pickle a jar or two of them for on sandwiches as well but not sure that will come about this year.

Our green beans are doing wonderfully. I just picked them today and we are having them with dinner tonight. Yummo.

We will have cabbage soon as well and our cucumbers are getting huge. We have enough that we will be making pickles from them tomorrow. Araya has been enjoying eating them with every meal but has started to fall behind.

And we are most excited for the watermelon. We grew sugar babies this year and it is so fun to watch them grow. Now its just being patient until it is finally time to enjoy them!!!


  1. Great pictures! I WISH I had some sunny spots in my yard for a garden. Alas, I must be content with my shrubs and flowers.

  2. Your veg are coming along beautifully. I wish I had a sister, looks like you had loads of fun.