Thursday, July 15, 2010

No you shut up Katrina

I can not believe that is has been 17 shorts years since you were born. It seems like just yesterday you were born. It really can not have been 15 years ago that you would meet me at the door telling me to "hut Up Kuika" to which I would respond " No you shut up Katrina" followed quickly by "Mom Kuika told me to Hut Up" with lots of giggles.
Or that its been 10 years since you would come to Minnesota and spend a week in the summer visiting me, we would have so much fun going and taking pictures, visiting places that Shane and I thought were so cool and having so much fun. Or that its been nearly 6 years ago that you were with me when I had my first baby. Or that you have been driving a car for a year now. And the part that is hardest for me to swallow is that in less than a year you will be graduating High School and moving on to the next adventure in your life. It really makes me almost cry.
Thank you for being my sister! Thank you for being my friend! And thank you for being a great Aunt for my wonderful Children.
Heres to MANY MANY more years of fun and adventure!

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