Sunday, July 25, 2010

How time slips away

Things have been so busy here on the farm this summer. It has made it hard to stay caught up on the blog and that makes me sad.
But where to start....
The state is doing construction on the interstate a half mile from our house and our quiet gravel road has turned in a noisy thorough fair. The only bright side is that the kids have enjoyed seeing the trucks and their grandpa has been driving by which they love. He honks every time and the kids just giggle. And since its 45 minutes from his house he has stayed with us a couple times which they dearly love.

The 4th of July was fun as well. We didn't get to go see any fireworks this year because it won't stop raining here in Iowa. However, we did go to grandma and grandpas. The kids had a great time playing with their cousin and Aunts and Uncle.

The girls have been through swimming lessons. Araya will now be in Level 2 next year. She is a little fish, loves to get toys from the bottom and spend as much time under water as she possibly can. She can do so much but she loves to show off that she can back float and dive to the bottom the best.
Nevaeh went through the preschool level and did great. She will be in Level 1 next year. This year was great for her and she enjoyed it greatly. Learning so much like treading water, floating and basic pool and water safety.
Carter thought it was pretty boring to water his sisters in the water and not be able to join but next year he will get his chance as well.

Other than that is has been super busy with keeping up with the farm, canning and spending every day we possibly can outside.

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