Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beyond Belief

I am having a challenge with my 5 year old. She is of the mind that nothing in the house should be her responsibility. She doesn't think it is fair that she has chores, or has to help out in any way. She doesn't think it is fair that we make her participate in the things that are done around here. I think she is old enough to help out. She can help with picking up the toys on a daily basis, make her bed and help to feed the dogs. Her chore list is very small, when she does it and doesn't complain it takes her a max of 30 minutes to have it all completed and I am there helping along the way. Am I way off on this.

The part that is hardest for me to deal with is that she knows how to act. When she is not at home she helps pick up, doesn't throw fits and is an all around good kid. She proves that we are raising her to be a productive member of society. However when she is at home she is the total opposite. She is mean to her siblings, complains about everything and is all around miserable to be around 90%of the time.

What do I do to help resolve this issue? She is going into kindergarten, she is in dance and is allowed to have fun time away from the farm and her siblings at least 1 time a month besides this. I have tried rewards, not sure what would work for punishments but nothing seems appropriate.

I am open to any suggestions that anyone has.


  1. I think starting school will help. This made a big difference with my kids. Once they were part of a group that had responsibilities in the classroom and they realized that good behavior was rewarded and there were consequences for bad, it helped to settle them down. Luckily, as time went on the good behavior at school spilled over to home.
    Good luck!!

  2. No, you're not off on this. I have taken the approach that everyone has a respobnsibility around my house, including my near-3 year old. Luckily for me, she's a neat freak so often I hear "mommy, your shoes need to go in the closet WHERE THEY BELONG, ok?" However, I can't give advice since I have never had to deal with a 5 year old...hopefully someone will chime in. I do think she needs her own choes, period, or it will only get worse from here on out. Any way to make chores fun? Mine loves to race...

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  4. You know, I am dealing with the same kind of stuff with Ahnalin! It is making me nuts! Now, around anyone else, she is perfect, polite, sweet, helpful. But at home, she is a screaming mess! UGH!
    The whining and back talking are about knocking me over the edge. She lost out on a treat today because she was so awful. She wants the treat tomorrow, so I am hoping she remembers how sad she was to lose it tonight, and then acts better during the day. Sigh.....