Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4 weeks already and a couple projects

The baby chicks are 4 weeks old already. It is really flying by and they are growing like crazy as I am sure you can see.

We are filling their feeder, which is actually an old hog feeder but works PERFECT for this, with a 40 lb bag of feed every day. Much less waste with this feeder than before which is great. And we are filling the 7 gallon waterer twice a day and they will empty it. It is really amazing how much they eat and drink.
And I have been working on some sewing and knitting as well.
I made a couple skirts that I didn't get pics of, but they are adorable little a line skirts that will be perfect for church.
Then I had this organic cotton fleece that I dyed up for myself about a year and a half ago and was for a pair of capri length sweats for me. Well I finally got them cut out and sewn up and boy do I love them!

And I decided I needed a wrap or shawl for wearing to church when I choose to wear a tank top so I went on the search for the perfect pattern. This one is awesome, knitting up fast but it is not as wide as I had hoped for. So it may end up being my scarf for winter as its is awesome yarn and very pretty.
Finished pics and more info when I am all done

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