Saturday, June 19, 2010

What a great day

We had such a great day today on the farm. We were able to get straw for bedding from a local farmer for free which is a great score for us. A little labor for the hubby but in the end it saved us so much.
We did start out day with one of our steer calves on the loose. Not exactly my preference on how to wake up but it was alright in the end and he went back into the barn then pasture very easily.
This afternoon was spent with some family time. The weather is supposed to turn really rainy and stormy again tonight so we took full advantage of the great weather.
We started off by starting a fire and sitting around it enjoying the crackly of the wood.

I then grilled up some hot dogs and brats, pulled out the macaroni salad and potato chips and we had dinner on the blanket.
Then for desert, what campfire could be complete without......SMORES.

The kids had a blast with the smores, followed by baths for all and bedtime. It was so great to have a peaceful night with the family. I am hoping for many more just like it this summer to enjoy.

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