Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The latest creature

We are big about animals on our farm. If we see an animal that needs help we do our best to help them. If we find something new or different then we are sure to make the that the kids are involved as they love the animals as much as mom.
On Fathers Day we found a Salamander in a pot by the house. He wasn't looking so good tho and I kept it hidden from the kids til I knew how it would do. You see he was sunbathing in a black pot that had no water in it and he was working on baking himself in the pot. I actually was unsure if it was alive or not when I found it. But the movement told me we needed to see what we could do. I added some water and within a couple of hours the poor little thing was moving a bit better and by the next morning so much better.

The kids wanted to keep it but I didn't think that we could adequately feed him and keep him alive so we decided it was best to let him go. Now the choice location was the pond area and that is just were we let him go.
He was totally gone within a couple hours from when we released him which made the kids very sad but they know that is what is best for all of gods creatures is to be put in there environment to thrive and that is what we did!

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