Saturday, June 5, 2010

A great weekend on the farm

This weekend has started off well.
We started off with our normal, chores and milking the cow and getting going for the day.
Next on the list was taking Miss Araya to her dance rehearsal. She did great and is ready for recital tomorrow.

After they got home and had some lunch we started in on making Jam. 14 pints of Jam made this am and we will do that again this evening, giving us a total now of 41 jars in the cupboard. We will wait to make more after we have raspberries and blackberries to add to the strawberries.

We also got the strawberry patch picked, filled the turkey roaster til it was heaping full and ate a few too.

We also planted 5 new rose bushes that we got for 1.00 each. The rose garden is growing nicely and Araya just loves it.

Still much that needs done on the farm but it is wonderful to see things coming together and making our mark on this wonderful 4 acres we call home.

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