Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden Galore

Our garden is doing so wonderfully. I am a bit excited for things to start being ready to harvest. There is nothing like a meal that is has been completely raised on the farm.

We have several little cucumbers on the vines with MANY more blooms to soon become yummy food to eat as well.

We grew 2 watermelons this year and they have several blossoms as well. They are my kids absolute favorite all around and we are hoping for a good return.

Our onions look wonderful. Growing nice and tall and hopefully nice and plump below the surface.

Our cabbages are growing nicely and starting to form small balls of goodness.

The peppers may be small but they are covered in blooms which we all know that means soon we will have lots of yummy peppers to add to salsa and dinners.

The tomatoes are out of this world. Growing nice and large and full of blooms and some with fruit as well. We grew some heirloom varieties and were given a white variety as well. We are very excited to try them this year and see what we think. There are romas for salsa and sauce, big boys and better boys for salads and just munching and then the heirlooms. A sweet delicious tomato is in my future, I can taste it already.

We also grew just enough green beans to be able to go and pick for meals, my parents grow a bunch each year and we share from that bounty. The rule of thumb is they grow them, I can them and we share them for the year. Works well for all involved.

And last but definitely not least we have some broccoli/cauliflower mix. These were given to us by a gal that sells Amish raised veggie and fruit plants. It will be fun to give these a try and see what the family thinks!

And last but not least the strawberries we started from runners from my folks. They are doing great, sending off lots of runners. The best part is these are everbearing and will produce all summer. It will be great to have our June berry variety for making jams and the ever bearing to eat through the entire summer and make wonderful deserts from.


  1. Looks awesome! Makes me want to live on a big plot of land! We're doing good to have found a spot for some herbs and a hanging cherry tomato plant on our wooded yard.

  2. Things are looking good!!

  3. Your garden looks amazing! I will have to put up some pics of ours, we are also making a sunflower house for our wee boy.

  4. Wow I am completely jealous of your fabulous garden!


  5. Thanks everyone, we kept it smaller than I would like to make it easier to keep after with the 3 lils this year but next year it will be more. I can't wait to grow it bigger!