Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cow vs Sick Mommy

Now who would you think the winner would be in this fight? The milk cow or the mom? Well honestly being I have not yet gotten to milk the cow I am saying that the cow has so far won the battle.
Tonight I have no energy, it takes about all I have to take care of my kids but I know that the cow needs milked as well. So out we go to milk the cow. First off I need to get the baby cows out of the stall, either back into their pasture or into their pen, one of the two. Ok got them back in the pasture, shut that door.
Next step is getting the cow into her stall so that I can milk her, easy enough right....wrong. I forgot to open the door to her pen and she walked right out the end of the alley way into the rest of the barn. Ya know that part where the baby is sitting in his stroller, the feed is houses, the milker parts are sitting, dads truck is parked along with a tractor, bales of hay and the corn stalk bales. Ya that part. Oh and don't let it be missed the the BIG door to the outdoors, the entire yard is wide open. So mom runs to that door, pulls a fence panel over and block the door. The cow is now at least contained to the barn. She really is just curious about this area that she has seen so much but never been able to sniff out. Ok now how do we get her back in the pen. Get some corn, cows love corn right. Well that was great but she has to sniff the baby first. He loves the cows, at least when they are on the other side of the fence he does. Not so loving them when they put their nose right to his.
So I finally get her back into the pen, only she decides that the calf's feed looks so much better than hers. Of course it does because it is sweet feed rather than just corn and protein. So she makes herself seem small and sneaks in there, not an easy task being the top rail of the fence that stays there is taller than her back.
So she is currently in the calf pen, with the door open. I am hoping she will decide to go back to her pen so that I can at least get her milked or hubby can when he gets home at midnight, one of the two.

So we shall see how it goes next time, but for today the battle has been won by the cow. Not the war, only the battle.

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