Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mommy's Sick

Why when mom is sick is there no one there to take care of her? That is the question of the day. This mommy doesn't feel well at all and really could just climb into bed and try again tomorrow but that just doesn't work.
The littles don't seem to understand that and their list of demands is longer than they are tall. Get me juice, Im hungry, can we go outside, put this apron on me, will you read me a book, can we have a bath.....and it goes on and on.
Plus the farm doesn't seem to care either. I had to milk the cow and thankfully the cow was cooperative. She didn't fight, she let down her milk nicely and stood well. The chickens needed fed and their eggs picked up. They knew I felt terrible as well because today they stayed away from the door. It really was surprising.
Now its time for dinner and while I prefer to cook from scratch, I decided that frozen pizza was better than Mcdonalds, both for those of us eating it but also on the pocket book, so that is what we are having.
It will be an early night tonight. I have decided that since the baby doesn't want to sleep well right now due to him not feeling well either, that mom is going to bed when they do. It will be 7:30 at the latest when we all climb into bed and I am hoping for a decent nights sleep and to be feeling so much better tomorrow. There is tons to do.
But that list will still be there tomorrow, no matter if it is longer than it was today. If I feel better maybe I will be able to conquer it all!!!

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