Sunday, May 16, 2010

A nice day at last

Well things have been so soggy lately that we have not been able to accomplish much outdoors. This has been great on getting things in order around the house but when you have been cooped up all winter thats the last thing you want.
So today we spent the day preparing for the 100 meat chickens that we have arriving tomorrow. We are all excited for them to arrive. There isn't much cuter than 1 day old baby chickens.
After that I was able to get a few more flowers planted and some weeds pulled in the roses. Those rose bushes are brutal. They don't forgive and my fingers are the proof to that. I also weedeated some to get the weeds down in one of the flower beds. It will be covered in mulch soon to help with that issue but I need to finish moving flowers into it before I do that.
I also was able to hang lots of clothes the last couple days and we are caught up on laundry now. Just have to put it all away, tho that part is not nearly as relaxing.
To end the day I opened the chicken coop up and let the chickens roam for the evening. They really enjoy that and always go back in to roost for the night at which point I close them up to keep them safe.
And just cuz shes so darn cute, here is Nevaeh laying in the grass watching the cows at my folks yesterday. She is such a sweet thing and needed a special spot for her.

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